The first game we developed entirely for iOS. The visual concept and graphics from start to finish are my own, but so are the language, names and the title of the game itself, which was supposed to reflect the sound of the falling hammer. Unfortunately the game was released without my being allowed to test or preview it, so the final result, from what I saw later, falls short of what it could have been.

The design process with a lot of tiny spontaneous sketches of alien creatures:. The highlighted ones were the ones with most potential, which I then redrew in Illustrator.

The 10 that made it into the game, with their name and idle animation.
Four playing modes to choose from.

The most important screen: the play area. Watch out for flying courgettes.

What happens when a player exceeds the time allotted
or number of strikes allowed...

If you win, our Gabloos do a happy dance.

One of several possible endings!